About Your Session - Seniors

Seniors! It's that time to get ready for your big day!  DON'T FORGET to fill out your Pre-Session Questionnaire. https://form.jotform.com/gracefulshutter/senior-grad-questionnaire

How to prepare?

 Don’t wait until the last minute for such a momentous occasion!  This is your senior portraits that will be hanging on the wall of your high school!

  • Send me photos via Facebook, Instagram or text so that we can dial down your style and your look

  • Discuss with me what locations are your favorite, do you like Nature, Urban/City, Country, Sports, etc.

  • Practice your smile and poses so it all comes naturally on the big day

  • Get plenty of rest the night before

  • Try on your outfits to ensure they fit correctly


What to Wear?

Make sure to wear outfits that make you feel and look amazing but most of all comfortable and by comfortable I don’t mean your favorite pair of sweats!  

Consider the following outfits

  • Casual (1)

  • Dressy (1)

  • “This is Me!” (1)

  • Uniform – Sport or Activity of Choice (if applicable)

“Say No” to the following:

  • Bright White doesn’t photograph well

  • Shirts with logos or big pictures or print

  • Wild patterns that take away from you

  • Make sure outfits are free of wrinkles or stains.


What to bring to the shoot?

 An amazing attitude and also the following!

  • Your outfits on hangers to prevent wrinkles

  • Water to stay hydrated

  • Mirror for last-minute glances

  • Make-up for touchups

  • And of course a best friend or parent, someone who makes you feel comfortable that can also make sure your hair is perfect!


Don’t forget the details!

 The smallest things can stick out when you have had time to study your pictures, so remember those little details.

  • Have fresh nails.  This goes for guys too!  Make sure your nails or clean or that you have a new coat of paint!

  • Ladies wearing make-up keep it clean and natural.  Just a little heavier than your everyday wear.

  • As for the hairdo not try anything new the day before or day of your shoot.  Give a haircut some time to get used to.  I suggest at least a week before.

  • Guys make sure you are shaved up, or bearded and ready.



 To make sure your photos are unique add your own special touch!

  • Hobby Equipment, i.e. skateboards, bikes, books, art supplies, etc.

  • Musical instruments

  • Sports Equipment, i.e. Baseball bat, glove, ball, volleyball, basketball, football, uniform, etc.