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The Senior & The Freshman

It was an emotional day for me... My significant other and I have a blended family. Our children are older and really do love one another like they have been in each other's life forever. Sydney, 17, starts her senior year while my son, Brad - 15, starts high school. They attend Woden High School in Woden, TX. They love aggravating me and each other! LOL.

As I was preparing myself for this shoot, I did begin to tear up. I cannot believe this day is here. I've been with Sydney said the start of her 8th grade year. I've watched her cheer. Seen her grown into an amazing young woman. I now know why God blessed me with 2 boys, he could see Sydney in my future.

Brad and Sydney have hit it off from day one. Brad was definitely the perfect little brother to Sydney's big sister routine. He has the innate ability to push every button she has and since he's actually bigger than her there's not much she can do about it

Brad came to Woden in 7th grade and Sydney made sure he wasn't alone and made friend quickly. Brad started playing basketball and fell in love. I'm so excited he's play high school ball and Sydney will be there for his debut.

My Senior & My Freshman 2019-2020!!

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