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Kylie & Evan's Epic Garden Engagement

I was so excited to meet Kylie and Evan. They were so sweet and loving to work with. It was definitely an effortless shoot.

Kylie & Evan's story is so amazing! Kylie and Evan first met at church way before they started dating. Their story is one of those epic love stories. They prayed for one another and became friends, kept praying and Even finally asked Kylie out... God was in the center of their journey. They trusted in the Lord and his timing to bring them together.

They show each other love, grace, and put Christ first in their relationship. Spending time with them for just the little time I did, I can see everything they talk about when they look into each other's eyes.

Kylie & Evan love to be outdoors, taking their pooch, Forrest, for walks. They are also passionate about serving in their church and ministry.

I cannot wait to be part of the wedding day! It will be in a stunning pecan grove near Tomball, TX.

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