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Where the road leads...

So yesterday I decide I’ve take a drive during lunch just to see what I could find interesting to photograph. I ended up on a beautiful old dirt road. Signs of long ago were still present even though evidence of technology were all around. Todd had first shown the road to me on our way to go fishing. The way the huge trees canopied the road are stunning. The old bridge, that’s seen better days, still holding strong. Rolling pastures and the little white church reminded me of something my Papaw would have told me about, if he were still here to tell his stories. It is so quiet and peaceful. Old colliding with the new. Green belts with huge electric towers shooting up from the ground. I guess I could have seen it as an eye-sore, but the combination of the steel and land was more pleasing than I thought. The clean lines with the contrast of the trees made it a joy to photograph. The way the shadows fell what magical. I really love to photography nature. I even made some new friends…HAHA! I didn’t want to get to close to the momma cow and her baby. She really wasn’t to sure about me, but they did pose well for the camera!! 😊


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